problem sending ping to waspmote

Hello everybody,

I’m having a problem when trying to ping a waspmote-pro from a SAMR21.

I have flashed gnrc_networking into SAMR21 and gnrc_minimal in my waspmote.

When sending a ping6 from SAMR21 to the waspmote, no response (pong) is sent back to the SAMR21.

If I put a while(1); at the waspmote side I’m seeing that the ping is effectively arriving to my waspmote but then I don’t know what is happening after that.

Attached a capture from the waspmote output.

When looking at this output I can see that the ping arrive (data available, waiting for read) to the waspmote but I don’t know why the waspmote reinitialises at each ping (3 times). If I remove the while(1), the ping seems not to be arriving any more

Do you have any idea what’s going on ?