Dear really-low-power IOTlers,

reading through https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/pull/2309 I stumbled across Michael Andersen's PowerProfiler [1] and was literally shocked that such a nice tool/setup has been gone unnoticed for so long. At least I was not aware of this setup and checking with some other people on IM, it seems that I'm not alone.

This looks like a really cool and promising solution to get an understanding of the power consumption for RIOT applications. Great work, Michael!

Cheers, Oleg

[1] https://github.com/PowerProfiler/TestApplications

Great, and overlooked indeed. Is this setup still up and running? Cheers, Emmanuel

I would be more than happy to start it up again and maintain it if it would be of use to the community. I’ll do so as soon as I finish my post-IPSN Vienna tour :slight_smile:

Hi Michael, thanks for the proposal. It seems there is interest. When are you back approximately? I’m asking because some of us are working on a deadline (beginning of May) for which energy measurements might be very welcome :wink: cheers, Emmanuel

I’m back on Monday, I’ll set it up ASAP for you when I arrive.

Hi Michael, thanks! Keep us in the loop. Cheers Emmanuel