Porting RIOT to ESP32-H2

I intend to port RIOT to ESP32-H2.

Does anyone know what the progress is on upgrading ESP-IDF to version 5.1?

This pull request suggests that the toolchain needs to be updated:

Is there a way I can help?

Unfortunately the upgrade to ESP-IDF 5.1 is much more than just a version bump, it requires a lot of rework. The reason is that we can’t use ESP-IDF like an SDK, because ESP-IDF is based on FreeRTOS, which is an integral part of it. Instead, we just compile a set of required source files of the ESP-IDF. These ESP-IDF source files, in turn, require functions to be provided by RIOT. Since ESP-IDF changes a lot with each new version, all these parts have to be reworked.

I had hoped to find time in the last half year to do this rework and get ESP32-C6 and ESP32-H2 working. Unfortunately I did not manage to do it.

What are the main tasks:

  • update the set of ESP-IDF source code files used by RIOT in all the Makefiles
  • update the linker script files
  • update existing functions and implement ne functions required by the ESP-IDF 5.1

I suppose that the rework takes at least 2 or even more man months.

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how can we apply more eyes to this? Would you be able to make a list of the new functions?