Periodic router advertisements for 6lowpan ND

Hi RIOTers, Is it possible to enable sending of periodic router advertisements for the gnrc_border_router application, as described as optional in RFC6775? Current default behavior is that the router responds to Router Solicitations, but does not advertise periodically.

Best regards, Joakim

Hi Joakim,

admittedly, this isn’t possible at the moment, since the routine taking care of the periodic RAs currently is only checking if the interface is a 6Lo interface. That is currently only dependent on the device type of the underlying interface type. PR 10499 helps with that, as it adds distinction between the interface being a 6Lo interface (device-type specific) and a 6Lo-ND interface (how it behaves in neighbor discovery). By deactivating the 6Lo-ND there would be periodical RAs on that interface. But I think that is not what you want, so probably a specific netif flag [3] for configuring the periodic RAs and a change of that check are required for that. Currently, there is only the option to configure if an interface is sending RAs at all or not.

Best regards, Martine

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