Open positions on embedded software development at ML!PA Consulting GmbH (2022-06)

Dear RIOT Developers,

ML!PA Consulting GmbH is currently in search of developers for embedded applications, preferably with both good knowledge of C and RIOT. As a company we’re mostly developing new products for client companies with either limited resources or lack of knowledge in the IoT sector. Our focus is on design & implementation of new products, we’ve not done any development support or integrated into a running product until now. Our clients come mostly from industrial sectors. Aside the embedded applications we also have teams for data management, data analytics, cloud backend & web+mobile frontend applications to be able to provide a full-stack solution to our clients.

Our open positions would be centered around upcoming client projects. We have Open Source contributions but they are not the primary focus of the positions we can now open. Still you can expect to be able to make contributions to RIOT as part of your work.

Regarding work environment & conditions our preference is that you are located at Berlin because otherwise hardware access & experiment setup might prove challenging. We’re currently working on a schedule of two days home office per week, regularly or on short notice, as a company rule. Part-time positions are not frowned upon so feel free to be open about your ideas.

Daniel & Ben

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