Open IoT Challenge

Dear Developers,

The Eclipse Foundation is holding a challenge:

The focus is on open technology and community, so by using RIOT and involving our fabulous community you've already half won :wink:

To participate, you'd need to register until January, 17th. The deadline for submission of the solution is February 27th.

The rules: """ * The challenge is open to any individual aged 18 years or older * The solution submitted by the applicants must be a new   solution created for this challenge * More than one individual can participate in creating a   solution but any prize will be awarded to the key contact who   completed the entry form """

The criteria: """ * Innovation of the solution and applicability to the application   domain * Completeness of solution * Use of open standards and open source technology * Amount of community discussion from the participant   when they built their solution """

The prices: """ $750 gift card $500 gift card $250 gift card """

In case you have an idea for a project but hesitate to do it alone, just ask others to join forces on the mailing lists or on the IRC.

Cheers, Ludwig