On prototyping an async Rust runtime for RIOT

Thanks @Kaspar @emmanuelsearch for sharing the latest overview/details on Rust integration efforts for RIOT:

Because we, IETF ANIMA Minerva Project (@mcr @j-devel), have also been working on our custom “cross-board oriented” async Rust runtime for RIOT, we particularly got interested in “Prototype RIOT over async Rust framework” part, which is assuming the Embassy ecosystem [1].

Related to the topic, we would like to share some additional insights that we gained though implementing our version [2] of async Rust runtime for RIOT.

In our case, we didn’t start with the existing 3rd party Embedded Rust components (and having to grapple with complexity for adaptation/integration); rather, we took a minimalistic/bottom-up approach:

  • port the (bare-metal minimalistic) blog_os async Rust executor [3] to a no_std RIOT-compatible crate [4],
  • bind existing RIOT C APIs (e.g. timer, gcoap) by Rust-C-FFI,
  • adapt them as Rust Future/Stream, and
  • expose them as Rust async function API

what we got working (thus far)

  • single threaded async Rust runtime (akin to JavaScript runtime), capable of
    • spawning Rust Future<Output = ()> instances
    • spawning Rust Stream processors (useful for implementing e.g. Rust-based coap servers)
    • executing async versions of some RIOT Timer/Gcoap API, e.g.
      async fn async_sleep(msec: u32)
      async fn async_set_timeout<F>(msec: u32, cb: F)
      async fn async_gcoap_get(addr: &str, uri: &str) -> Vec<u8>

what we learned/proved

  • binding existing RIOT (networking) C APIs, and then
  • wrapping/adapting them as Rust Future/Stream works well, hence
  • CROSS-BOARD (xbd) async abstraction of RIOT API is highly feasible/practical (as opposed to Embassy going “board-specific”)
  • we are pushing/following this path to build Rust-based MCU client (esp32) to be demonstrated in IETF ANIMA BRSKI interop


  1. GitHub - embassy-rs/embassy: Modern embedded framework, using Rust and async.
  2. https://github.com/AnimaGUS-minerva/studio/tree/main/examples/xbd-net/src
  3. GitHub - phil-opp/blog_os at post-12
  4. https://github.com/AnimaGUS-minerva/studio/tree/main/examples/xbd-net/src/blogos12
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