Nucleo Storage Rack

I recently made a storage rack for Nucleo development boards for @bergzand.

I was asked to share it with the rest of the community. So feel free to use it.
The DIN rail mount is left as an exercise to the reader.


Very nice, I think it might also interest @fjmolinas.

Super cool thanks!

Really useful thing!

I set up one in my office, really cleans up my desk! I’ll have to get more and do something similar for other form factors.

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It is nice to see that these get more use. I would appreciate a picture.

If you have any suggestions for improvements feel free to let me know.

It’s pretty nice, small feedback so far:

  • The last level is a bit short => in that I can’t fit a BOARD with an expansion-board for example
  • Or the last lever could be see-through (like only have the external wireframe)

Other than that I guess my dream wish would be to have something where I can easily fit more form-factors (not only nucleo BOARDS), but that starts to be hard to design since all BOARD’s have different form factors, but I think I might try to simply print som sheets with the whole for those form-factors and then fit them into the rack space… see how that works and then maybe start building a collection of those.

That shouldn’t be too hard if you parametrize the model. One design would then allow form factors you can imagine.

I have had a discussion about multiple form factors. I could change the tower, to allow for a tower for a different board. But that would still be limited. A different suggestion that I got was to use the arduino mounting holes that are present in a lot of boards.

What boards are you using? I might have some that I can test with.