Nucleo-STM32WL55JC board can not flash hello world example

I am currently doing my first steps on linux to build RIOTos and flash it to a Nucleo STM32WL55JC. If I do the same thing (hello world) with a Nucleo-L476 everything works fine, however if i try it with the Nucleo-WL55JC i receive the following message:

Flashing Target

Open On-Chip Debugger 0.11.0+dev-00748-ga70bab9e5 (2022-06-28-14:36) Licensed under GNU GPL v2 For bug reports, read …

hla_swd Info : The selected transport took over low-level target control. The results might differ compared to plain JTAG/SWD Info : DEPRECATED target event trace-config; use TPIU events {pre,post}-{enable,disable} /home/thomas/myRIOT/boards/common/stm32/dist/stm32wl.cfg:4: Error: can’t read “_TARGETNAME”: no such variable in procedure ‘script’ at file “embedded:startup.tcl”, line 26 at file “/home/thomas/myRIOT/boards/common/stm32/dist/stm32wl.cfg”, line 4 make: *** [/home/thomas/myRIOT/examples/hello-world-wl/…/…/Makefile.include:837: flash] Error 1

if i try to flash the .bin with the stlink-flash i receive the following message: st-flash write hello-world.bin 0x8000000 st-flash 1.6.0 2022-06-28T15:42:25 WARN usb.c: Couldn’t find any ST-Link/V2 devices

As far as I know the Nucleo-WL55 uses a STLink-V3 is this the cause of my problem? How to fix this?

lsusb responses with … Bus 003 Device 005: ID 0483:374e STMicroelectronics STLINK-V3

Regards Thomas