Nucleo-f767zi on-board Ethernet

Hi all,

i just got access to an Nucelo F767zi board (STM32 MCU) with an on-board Ethernet Controller attached via RMII.

Since i found no existing netdev driver for this hardware configuration nor any related pull requests I plan to do an implementation by myself.

I just wanted to ask if anybody already has experiences with the on-board ethernet and may got some useful tips or information?

Thanks in advance & Regards


Hi Robin,

Thanks for your interest into RIOT and STM32 boards.

There is an (old) existing PR [1] that tries to add an Ethernet driver for stm32f4. Maybe it's not very different for F7 and you could use it as a starting point ?




Thanks Alex! It turns out that the PR could be adopted to use the F7 family. I try to add my "fixes" to the PR.