Nucleo-f303re, I2C-bus configuration


I‘ve had some trouble using I2C(1) bus on a nucleo-f303re board.

After reading the stm32f303re datasheet and changing some parameter values in boards/nucleo-f303re/include/periph_config.h ( before: .dev = I2C3, … .sda_pin = GPIO_PIN(PORT_A, 5), .scl_af = GPIO_AF5,

now: .dev = I2C3, … .sda_pin = GPIO_PIN(PORT_B, 5), .scl_af = GPIO_AF3, )

everything worked fine. Should those values also be changed in the RIOT repository? Did I understand something wrong?

It’s well possible that you’ve found a bug - want to submit a Pull Request?

Hi Ben,

thank you, as I’m not familiar with github processes, I would like to leave the bugfix - if it is a bug - to the maintainer.

It’s actually pretty simple:

  • Fork the RIOT repository in the GitHub UI
  • create a branch in git that contains the commit with the fix
  • push the branch to your RIOT fork on Github
  • create a pull request in the GitHub UI (it will automatically suggest to create a PR if you’ve just pushed a branch to your fork)

I’m convinced (PR #16275), lets see what the reviewers will say.

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