nrf52840dk multiprotocol support

Hi, I would like to make an application for the nrf52840dk board that uses the radio both in BLE and 802.15.4 mode. I’ve read from Nordic website that the board technically supports this (and there are examples in their SDK) but I was wondering if this is supported in RIOT OS as simply compiling a test project using both the 802.15.4 and the BLE driver failed, saying that there are " multiple definitions of `isr_radio’". So my question is: is this supported in RIOT or not? Thanks in advance for your help,



Hej Simone,

sadly RIOT does not support this at the moment. So far, access to the radio is mutual exclusive for either BLE (I assume you use NimBLE?!) or 15.4 (GNRC -> driver nrf52/readio/nrf802154).

You are correct though, that the hardware does support running both modes in parallel - meaning they have time sliced access to the radio hardware peripheral. However, exspecially due to the timing sensitive nature of BLE, the time slot allocation for this purpose it not quite trivial. If I remember correctly, Nordic has implemented some kind of multiplexing library called RAL or something, though I am not able to find it anymore…

Now in RIOT it gets even a little bit more complex, as we would need to mutliplex between two completely independent software libraries (-> GNRC and NimBLE) that both provide separate radio drivers… So far, nobody tried to implement something here, so any new insights would be welcome :slight_smile:

Hope this gives you a rough overview on the current state.

Cheers, Hauke