NRF51 unable to poweron RNG (is it a bug or is it me?)

Hi *!

thanks for your help and links. I am still don't know the exact problem ... but at least I know now tech details about NRF51 - registers and memory maps, yehiii    I "attached" some mapping script, would be nice if u send me the output.     u see my rfduino output on:     The power state looks strange, that's my only idea so far. the rfduino got a pin label "RESET" that is used for the swd pins.hmm...     I am switching to my *finaly arrived* nrf51422-dk (pca1006, pca1007) - I want some random working tonight..

frank, did u use jlink or stm2 flasher adn did u leave the fladsher connected when u started the previous code? (u are connected via uart right?)    have fun

Hello Jan,