Notification: Monthly RIOT developer meeting @ Mon May 28, 2018 5pm - 6pm (CEST) (RIOT Events)

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Monthly RIOT developer meeting

When Mon May 28, 2018 5pm – 6pm Berlin

Where Online (map)

Calendar RIOT Events


Martine Lenders - creator

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Hi devs! Hi maintainers! Welcome to the new maintainers btw!

I already sketched some ideas for today’s meeting [1]. Unfortunately the last month meeting couldn’t be held because of some confusions and a (uncommon?) situation on which the last Monday of the month was actually the last day of the month, thus didn’t match our aim to have the meeting before Hack’n’ACK. I think the best move will be to move the meeting *always* before the Hack’n’ACK as a priority so there’s no confusion.

There’s also a change on the communication channel [2], please note it, I’ll be waiting for you there.

Thanks in advance for attending and don’t hesitate to add your topics to the list! I also added the last discussed topics, which actually were resolved! Congrats to all devs and maintainers who made it happen :slight_smile:


Francisco Javier Acosta Padilla Research Engineer at INFINE team Inria Saclay Ile-de-France

[1] [2]

Hi Paco,

Yes Martine, thanks for the info!

Unfortunately the pad we opened yesterday was removed :frowning: if someone kept a copy of it I would be super thankful if you can share it.

Otherwise, I want just to point out the resolutions from the meeting:

- We need to open an issue to track Hardware In the Loop testing for improvements, since there’s a considerable increase on the CI time when tests fail. There are some concerns about native testing but I don’t have the details that Sebastian have pointed out. - There is a code coverage effort being made by Sebastian (can you please share again the link?) - We will try to move into a hwcrypto API, which might be helpful for “simple” crypto operations, though it will be very complicated to adapt it for its usage on more complex implementations (tinycrypt, tweetnacl, eventually mbedtls). - Today’s Hack’n’ACK will be focused on I2C testing and merging, whenever possible.

Thanks again for attending!