Notification: Monthly RIOT developer meeting @ Mon Jan 29, 2018 5pm - 6pm (CET) (RIOT Events)

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Monthly RIOT developer meeting

When Mon Jan 29, 2018 5pm – 6pm Berlin

Where Online (map)

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Martine Lenders - creator

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Hi RIOTers!

Our first monthly meeting of the year will take place this afternoon at 17:00 CET. In the last meeting, Martine suggested to start at 16:00 CET IIRC, so if no one is against this change, we can start the next meeting at that time.

The draft agenda I have is:

1. Release bugs (see 2. Coding review guidelines (see PR #7087)

At the beginning of the meeting we can add items to the agenda.

As usual, some notes will be written on the fly at

See you there!


Oh! I almost forget, this is the link for the meeting:




Below you’ll find the minute of 29 January 2018. It is also already on the wiki.

Thanks to the attendants!


1. Release bugs (see 2. Coding review guidelines (see PR #7087) 3. Documentation efforts (see ))

Attendants - Francisco Acosta - Jose Alamos - Koen Zandberg - Sebastian Meiling - Bas Stottelaar - Emmanuel Baccelli

1. Release bugs: - Put in the project only major issues, handle better the labels - Better clasification of the bugs, add more columns

2. Coding review guidelines - Add checkboxes for maintainers, so far: * Documentation * Architectural coherence * Functional tests * Code style - It may need several ACKs if only one maintainer can't check all the boxes

3. Documentation - Propose to move documentation for boards (support, configuration pin, etc) to doxygen. If agreed: * Propose a place where to put the resources (mostly images of the board, etc) * Take care of copyrights * Links to the images or actual images in the repo? - Look at * Jose will check which kind of tools they use to generate their webpage with documentation (likely oxygen).

Feel free to comment about the discussion!