Notification: Biweekly virtual meeting @ Wed Jul 27, 2016 2pm - 3pm (RIOT Events)

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Biweekly virtual meetingDeveloper discussions that will only happen if a proposed agenda exists. Some instructions and a link to the agenda can be found in the RIOT wiki ( Remote participation will be provided.

When Wed Jul 27, 2016 2pm – 3pm Berlin

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Ludwig Ortmann - creator

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Dear release-preparing IOTlers,

do we have an Etherpad with an agenda for today's meeting?

If not, do we need one?

Cheers, Oleg


as always you can find the link to an etherpad here:

under point "Agenda for the next virtual meeting". There is not topic on the agenda so we skip this meeting.

Best Peter


Not in my knowledge… Do you want to discuss something special? As the release is taking place I don’t know about the availability of people to discuss.


Hi Peter!

as always you can find the link to an etherpad here:

Thanks! Didn't know that there was a permanent link. (Or I forgot.)

under point "Agenda for the next virtual meeting". There is not topic on the agenda so we skip this meeting.


Cheers, Oleg

Hey Paco!

Hi all,

the link is not static but it needs to permanently point to a fresh etherpad, according to this explanation in the wiki:

Minutes from past meetings are listed further below. If a meeting actually took place, the link to the minutes will move downwards to the archive and a new link for the next meeting will be opened and listed here by a maintainer.

Best Peter

Hello to everyone, during the porting of the MRF24J40 driver i get the following error-message:

Stack pointer corrupted, reset to top of stack *** RIOT kernel panic: HARD FAULT HANDLER

    pid | name | state Q | pri | stack (used) | location      - | isr_stack | - - | - | 1024 ( 508) | -      1 | idle | pending Q | 15 | 256 ( 140) | 0x 200006a0      2 | main | running Q | 7 | 2048 (788) | 0x 200007a0      3 | pktdump | bl rx - | 6 | 2048 (248) | 0x 20001f6c      4 | 6lo | bl rx - | 3 | 1024 (296) | 0x 20002d34      5 | ipv6 | bl rx - | 4 | 1024 (388) | 0x 20001490      6 | udp | bl rx - | 5 | 1024 (280) | 0x 2000353c      7 | mrf24j40 | bl rx - | 3 | 1024 (564) | 0x 20000ff4      8 | RPL | bl rx - | 5 | 1024 (208) | 0x 20002864          > SUM | bl rx - | | 10496 (3420)

*** halted.

Inside isr -13

The failure happens, when I use the command ifconfig without parameters in the gnrc_networking example. Has anyone an idea about the reason of that fault?

Thanks, Neo

Hello everyone, I have just a question about the "State-Management" of the network driver. As a reference for my MRF24J40 driver I have used the AT86RF2XX driver. Inside of this driver there are software states which are not applicable for the MRF24J40 radio module. What should I do with the unsupported states? I thought the Netdev2 device driver is intended to have an abstraction layer which provides an API which is independent from the should I map my silicon/chip states to the NetAPI states?

Best regards, Neo

Hi Neo, the general fallback for an unsupported option is to return `-ENOSUP` for an unsupported option type and `-EINVAL` for an unsupported option value. Hope that was helpful.

Cheers, Martine

Hi Neo,

unfortunately I don't have an idea out of my head. Which board do you use for development? Obviously you landed in the cortex common panic handler:

It would be great if could share your code so someone (e.g. me) could counter check.

Best regards Peter

Hello Peter, I made some changes and since then I haven't seen this any more. ....don't know what the reason was.... Thanks!

Best regards Neo