Notes RIOT internal Meeting Friday 20.04.2018


see below notes from the meeting today.

Cheers, Gaëtan

# ic2 attempt 2

Kevin asking why it is stuck Gaëtan: there were not tests re-run on the rebased version even though there were fixes

# release

i2c will not go in the release, but the embargo remains in master. However, fixes that are blocked by the embargo can go in for the release. The would need to wait for i2c to be merged to be integrated in master though.

Only 01-ci tests were run for the moment and no maintainers registered themselves for testing for the moment. Paco will start to tests things this afternoon.

Hi all,

I already did an automated test for 06-single-hop-udp (automatic book of IoTLAB nodes, check integrity of packets, report rates). It might be too early to add to the branches, but I can show them in the next Hack'n Ack.

Cheers, José