Nordic's 6LoWPAN over Bluetooth Low Energy

In case you missed it: Nordic demonstrated 6LoWPAN including UDP, TCP, CoAP and MQTT, over... yes.. Bluetooth Low Energy. The gateway side 6lowpan_control is _upstream_ in linux since a while.

The data sheet sounds pretty familiar to RIOTs software stack:

6lowpan, UDP, coap/mqtt

I'm expecting a huge amount of kickstarter/indigogo projects with *real* internet of things in some weeks.

Forecast: The chip nrf51 will get more fans:) I hope Intel as a fan of bt smart will also join the 6low over ble club!

Best Christian


I missed it indeed, seems they beat us to it. Havn't looked into detail, but if their code quality is the same than for the soft devices, we might have a good argument for using RIOT once more :slight_smile:

Cheers, Hauke

all the code is BSD, except the softdevice.

$ cloc .       467 text files.       391 unique files.       117 files ignored. v 1.62 T=2.21 s (149.9 files/s, 62213.5 lines/s)


am very very sceptical about this softdevice and its licensing… (or the licensing in future). for me it would be important to have an option to run riot without it. I currently have a nordic chip that does not seem to override the softdevice any more (there are some rumors that you can only override it a limited amount of time) etc. waiting for nordic feedback…

i more would be interrested in an ble alternative to nordic

(my own opinion)


While I can think of a few good uses for this chip I’m still not sold on BLE being a good thing for the “Internet of Things”. Historically, the Bluetooth SIG has been less than open. Does anyone remember the SIG having BlueZ’s site (maybe it was just a mailing list) taken down back in about 2004-2005?

The IETF and by extension 15.4 may not be perfect but I’ll take open standards over ZigBee-esque quasi-proprietary protocols like Bluetooth any day. Not to mention that BT or BLE were never intended to be used in dynamic, self-healing, multihop, mesh configurations. Sure, it might be possible but such a setup wasn’t accounted for in the original design.

Okay, I think I’m done ranting about my distrust and dislike of the Bluetooth SIG and its associated spec. Suffice to say, v6 over 15.4 is the way forward, not Bluetooth, ZigBee, Ant(+), Z-Wave, or any other NDA encumbered psudostandar.