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Dear Sir/Madam, I have a question that how can I find the code to reading the temperature every second and read as input discrete. Thanks in advance


could you give more information on your setup? This is a rather broad question.

Which temperature sensor are you using on which board?


Forgive my popping in on the list with idea’s but I’m following a lot of the Electronics and IoT subjects and projects on many forums.

Actually this is a very common request.

Last week I had a discussion with one of my Designers about how difficult it is to implement a solution for this problem in Arduino using “loop()”.

The abstraction is that the processor loops and then the User must insert some sort of time keeping mechanism into that and then it gets really complicated.

We were discussing something like having :


v = read_sensor(temp_sensor);



and the job would be done in my IoT Designer.




I agree that this is a common request. I created a demo for it with RIOT. See the"Data collection app" link below for the RIOT side of the demo code. The demo includes bootstrapping code, but see “_run_sensor_loop” for the loop you’re interested in. See pg 4-5 in Slides for a photo and conceptual drawings.

It would be great to somehow use your IoT Designer to generate the code! RIOT’s SAUL API removes a lot of the board/sensor level complexity.


Data collection app _run_sensor_loop()


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Hi Ken,

I will look into how I might achieve that with your code and get back to you in the coming days.

Thank you for sharing those links.