NFC support on RIOT

For the NFC I’ll use two Adafruit shields PN532,they are going to arrive next week.The boards which run RIOT are two UDOO quad. The professors told me that the first purpose is to let comunicate the two board,each one with his NFC connected. Thanks for the advice about SPI,if it works with RFID,then it works with the NFC who as the same ISO standard. Do you think is easier to port the arduino drivers then writing the module? can you suggest me a link for the documentation on it? Thanks for support, when I’ll start coding I’ll sure pull a request on GitHub!

the product page seems to be a pretty good starting point:

The sheets:

  NXP PN532 Datasheet   NXP PN532 User Manual

are there.

But there is also a message saying:


For an example of a minimal device driver on top of a low level interface, you might want to look at the (already merged) pull request for the pir driver:

It should be sufficient as a reference to get you started.

Cheers, Ludwig

ok! thanks,I’ll begin study all that material. The I2C problem would be better resolved buying the breakout board that support SPI (it’s a very long work and I have to choose the quikest way). However thanks for let me notice this issues! During next weeks I’ll focus on writing the library for the Breakout board ( )

Hi Francesco,

I am working on an I2C low-level driver interface for RIOT as we speak, I hope it will be ready by mid-week. Then of course the implementation for the sam3x (UDOO) is still missing, but maybe that is something you are willing to look into? This way you could just port the existing Arduino drivers instead of re-writing everything by hand…

Cheers, Hauke

Hi Hauke, Sorry for my late reply,today I talk about all those problems with the Ph.D student who follow my project. We decided to try using SPI,already supported in riot, with the Adafruit Shield NFC (the issue that christian notices before can be fixed making a new pinout mapping, However,after reaching the first goal,we can take a look on how to do the porting of your l2C protocol from lpc2387 to sam3x. Thanks , Francesco