Nextcloud integration

I’m trying the nextcloud discourse integration. At some point firefox should ask me if I’m fine with that, but I’m presented with a blank page.

The nextcloud page tells me this:

If you fail getting access to your Discourse account, this is probably because your Discourse instance is not authorized to give API keys to your Nextcloud instance.

@admins, something easy to fix on your end?

Ask the Discourse admin to add this URI to the “allowed_user_api_auth_redirects” list in admin settings: “web+nextclouddiscourse://auth-redirect”

That would also be of interest to me. Ping @admins?

This works now. Make sure you follow the instructions provided by both Nextcloud and Discourse carefully, so your Nextcloud instance is registered as the protocol handler for the web+nextclouddiscourse://auth-redirect URL

Thanks @bergzand for activating this!