New user looking for MSP430 ports

Hello all,

I am working on a project using the MSP430FR5969. I have done the tutorials for native compiling and am ready to run RIOT on the MSP430 LaunchPad.

The porting guide suggested I contact the list to see if others have done similar work before I started the process.

Even a simple version of one of the examples would be extremely helpful for any of the LaunchPads.

Thank you


We recently ported RIOT to the ``MSP430FR5969 and the corresponding LaunchPad. PR is pending:

Feedback very welcome! Gero

Great news! Thank you for the fast reply. I will check it out ASAP.


I am somewhat new to MSP430 GCC project. I have worked for years using Code Composer Studio. Now with RIOT thrown into the mix, I am having trouble buliding an example and sending it to the msp430fr5969 LaunchPad. Would you happen to have a sample example ( even blink LED ) and MakeFile project that I could use?

Thank you very much for all your help

Hello James!

all the RIOT examples not using any specific peripherals should work. Be aware that the CPU has only 2KB of SRAM, so you might need to tweak the stack sizes to make it fit. the ps module is helpful here.

For our purposes we use CFLAGS="-DTHREAD_STACKSIZE_IDLE=128 -DISR_STACKSIZE=128".

so the command would be:

$ cd examples/hello-world ``$ CFLAGS="-DTHREAD_STACKSIZE_IDLE=128 -DISR_STACKSIZE=128" make all flash BOARD=msp-exp430fr59xx

just to make sure: you need the msp430-elf-gcc, the old gcc (version 4.x does not work)


Thanks for the fast response; that’s exactly what I needed. I just need a starting point. I will give it a try this evening.


Thank you again for your help. I have been periodically experimenting with your fork over the past month and it seems to work very well. Indeed the stack size can be tricky. I noticed issues when creating simple example threads. The shell would hang until I bumped up the stack size.

At this point I am starting to see if I can work the OS into my project, which contains various SPI and I2C devices. Just to be clear, this fork so far does not have I2C or SPI support? I couldn’t locate and reference to such peripherals in the respective folders. And knowing MSP430s, the register settings and MACROs for each cpu tend to vary between ICs. I just want to verify that this is not included yet before I spend time trying to build these features out myself.

Thank you

Hi James,

good to hear that everything works fine. You are right, SPI and I2C are not yet implemented.

[@aabadie]( : could you check the pull request again? Gero