New to RIOT

Hello Sir

I am Krishna, currently doing my btech from Indian Institute of Information technology,Allahabad India. I came to know RIOT as an organisation from GSOC-15 and I wanted to contribute to Riot.I am new to open source development and dont know where to start.I am quite thorough with the Computer Organisation And Architecture ,Operating Systems,Digital Electronics,Data-Structures And Algorithms as they were my Course Subjects.Morever I own and have worked with Arduino UNO and Arduino Mega using Arduino IDE. Apart from ArduinoMega devboard I have used Atmega2560 with AVR platform(avr-gcc) and avrdude to flash it on the device.I have also worked with a robot FirebirdV5 and Intel 8086 Microprocessor. While I was going through the github and the Tutorial-RIOT( to familiarise with RIOT ,i got stuck while running on native as i am not able to use “addr” command to specify address because the shell doesnt have any command called “addr”,just help me in this case.Also i wanted to ask what should i learn and do so that i get familiarized with RIOT and become able to contribute.

Thanks, Krishna

Hello Krishna,

Welcome to the RIOT community! Glad to hear that you want to contribute.

The link you were referring to seems to be outdated. You can find more information here [1].

Basically, instead of using the addr command, you can obtain or set the hardware address with the ifconfig command. ifconfig to show all the information ifconfig <interface> set hwaddr <address> to set the address.

Cheers, Cenk