New nodes available on IoT-LAB

Dear RIOT users and developpers,

Today the IoT-LAB team released multiple types of open nodes on the Saclay site. You can find the details on the IoT-LAB website [1].

These new nodes should simplify the testing on heterogeneous hardware and help in verifing their interoperability. Most of them are already supported by RIOT (nRF52DK, nRF52840DK, FRDM-KW41Z, phyNode, microbit, B-L4752-IOT01A and SAMR30 Xplained), some are not (nRF51DK and nrf52840-MDK) but PRs are already opened [2], [3]. Finally, there are also PRs that provides radio drivers for some of them, [4] and [5]. In IoT-LAB, we hope that having these nodes in IoT-LAB will help reviewing these PRs and increase the quality and stability of the RIOT code base.



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