new iot hardware from intel: curie

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first IoT hardware from intel:

[...32-Bit-Prozessor aus Intels Quark-Schiene, welchem 80 KByte SRAM und 384 KByte Flash-Speicher zur Seite stehen, auch noch einen 6-Achsen-Sensor (Beschleunigung und Gyroskop), einen DSP-Sensorhub samt Auswertungs-Engine, eine Bluetooth-LE-Einheit sowie einen Lade-Controller für Akkus....]

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Interesting, I’d love a little more information on the open source RTOS. I’d also like to a see hardware with a 15.4 capable radio. BLE may have its place but as it stands now, without CSR mesh solutions being embraced it’s not as an appropriate a solution as 6lowpan over 15.4 for many applications. Even with CSR it may not be the the right direction.