New Bie at RIOT - For Initial Guidance

Hello All, I am newcomer at RIOT. I am a Software Devoper working for IOT. Sorry for spamming your boxes, for I am not sure whether this is the right place to send this query.

I would like to contribute to the RIOT. I have already downloaded the source from GITHUB. I have joined the mailing list and commits.

I also have gone through the initial guide for new comers. Currently I don't have a Development Board. But for the past few week I was debugging through gdb for native target for example program.

Can any one of you guide me , what to be done for next steps and for target board fixes how the development and testing to be done ?

Regards Sherry

Hi Sherry,

and welcome to RIOT! Yes, this is the right place for your concern. Nice to hear that you'd like to contribute. Honestly I didn't get what exactly you want to do. But here are some interesting links:

Open issues in RIOT, nice if they were fixed :slight_smile: :

Here is a list of supported platforms. If you are about to buy a board, I'd recommend one of the arm cortex-m platforms. E.g. the STM-boards are cheap. The Ateml board has an on-board 802.15.4. transceiver.

This are our development procedures and coding conventions:

I hope that helped at least a bit. If not, just ask again!

Best, Peter