Hello, i am new in RIOT OS. I want to write an application that uses different mac protocols. I would like to know if there already exist CSMA, TDMA and XMAC implementations in RIOT. Are there any tutorials or examples available about network configurations and communication settings? Thank You in advance!

Hi Janna,

welcome to RIOT! Short answer: Yes and no, but we could need more people working on it :-). Maybe the authors can share further insights. Please have a look at the following efforts:

Best Peter

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been on the mailing list for a while and recently have been revisiting my own projects and have started work on an IDE or Development Environment for IoT in Qt.

Right I’m developing an IoT IDE/Communicator and thought I’d reach out to you RIOT Developers.

What just occurred to me is that there might be some interest in RIOT to have a native Qt development environment. Being platform independent, it would run on either Windows, Linux or OSX. If it is of interest, I could just change the branding where needed, eg logo’s and screens and so forth to make something fit.

In terms of functionality, one of the things that would be handy is to have an integrated communications terminal type window.


Supporting all of the various types of packet data that you might want to exchange with RIOT. We could customise the list to get a 100% fit.

For the Edit Window, I’ve come up with some editing options. Nothing too complicated.

Then the primary function would be to do a ‘make’ on some project directory, display the results and be able to do a ‘Run’. Much like the Qt Creator program does now only in a slightly cut down form.

These are things that I’m working on right now.

Since RIOT has it’s own makefile style system and so forth it shouldn’t be so difficult to integrate.

Once these basics are running, I’m planning to have some sort of Event Window where the User can generate and playback various types of Network events. Much like the Application on Chrome ‘Postman’.

This would allow the User to examine and test code and packet exchanges in an interesting visual way.

Since I have some free time at the moment and motivation to complete this project I’d welcome collaborators from RIOT to complete some of the project.

Any comments / interest ?


David Lyon Pty Limited, Sydney Australia