Networking Module does not appear in process list

Hello everybody, today I tried to get the at86rf2xx working with my board. I have the following statement in the board's Makefile:

ifneq (,$(filter gnrc_netif_default,$(USEMODULE)))      USEMODULE += at86rf233      USEMODULE += gnrc_nomac endif

I tried all the networking examples but no example shows the at86rf2xx networking module when I list the threads. I see all networking threads but not the driver.

I tried to include (USEMODULE) the Module in the project makefile and then i tried to invoke the auto_init mechanism on serveral places -> no success.

Can you please tell me what I have to do to load the radio module driver? I think it would be a good idea to write down how it should go in a tutorial. It's not very nice for newbies to grep through the source code to find out how it should work and what might go wrong (it a little bit like beeing Sherlock Holmes but without having fun).

Question 2 - ifconfig: ifconfig help usage: ifconfig [<if_id>]

From where do I get the if_id ? I think you will get it if you invoke ifconfig without parameters (when you have a network module thread running). Is this true?

Thanks a lot! Regards, Bernhard

Hi Bernhard,

without looking into details of your problem, just a quick hint from my side: The mac layer (nomac) and the device driver are running in the same thread which should be automatically initialized in our networking examples. I don't remember the name of the thread out of my head...

Did that already help a bit?

Best Peter

Hi Bernhard!

I think looking at boards/iotlab-m3/Makefile.dep and examples/default/Makefile may help to understand which modules are necessary. On the one hand you need either to add a default transceiver to your board configuration, e.g. by adding something like ifneq (,$(filter gnrc_netif_default,$(USEMODULE)))    USEMODULE += at86rf231    USEMODULE += gnrc_nomac endif to the board's Makefile.dep, or explicitly add the module (e.g. at86rf231) to your application Makefile. On the other hand, you need to make sure that you have the auto_init_gnrc_netif module in your Makefile to automatically initialize and start the transceiver.

Cheers, Oleg