Network Stack diagram


Is there any diagram somewhere to get an overview of the New Network Stack? (How it works, how it is connected from transceiver to UDP) The links provided in [1] can’t be read by draw io.



Hi Baptiste,

there is no official drawing at the moment, though we are working on it… I will put it on my list for next week and let you know once we have something.

Cheers, Hauke

Thanks Hauke, I think it would be useful to anybody who want to take part of RIOT.


Hey Baptiste, I don’t know how useful they are for your context, but I drew up some (preliminary) activity diagrams for my parts (IPv6 and 6LoWPAN) [1].

Cheers, Martine


Thank you Martine,

It might be a bit too precise, but it can be useful in term of debugging. What I meant was one diagram which sums up the new network stack.


Hauke, have you found some time to create those diagram?

Hi Baptiste,

I did not really spend much more time on the diagram, sorry. Attached you find my current (early) version, hope i already helps get an idea of the major concepts. Any critics/comments are very welcome!

Cheers, Hauke

NSTF - overview.pdf (312 KB)