Hello, i’m trying to set minBE and maxBE values. I’m using the following function, but it does not work.

uint8_t csma_minBE = 2;

gnrc_netapi_set(iface, NETOPT_CSMA_MINBE, 0, (uint8_t *)&csma_minBE, sizeof(uint8_t));

I work with Iot-Lab M3 Nodes. Additionally i can’t get the default minBE and maxBE values with gnrc_netapi_get() function. Am I doing something wrong? Thanx!

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This option is not implemented yet for the at86rf2xx driver. As far as I remember, the driver supports CSMA, but the CSMA parameters are hard coded. Adding support in the at86rf2xx driver should be a pretty straightforward task. See the functions _set and _get in at86rf2xx_netdev.c, and add the corresponding functions in at86rf2xx_getset.[ch]. The data sheet for the transceiver lists a CSMA_BE register which is used for this purpose.

I can review and test if someone provides a PR for this feature.

Best regards, Joakim

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