netdev2 - some hints about the relationships between the 6lowpan protocol

Hello everyone, today I compiled the example/gnrc_minimal with the nrf24l01p module included in the boards Makefile.dep file (Riot Release package RIOT-2015.12) . The compile process was successful and the compiler output show the the driver for the radio module was compiled. But when I searched with the debugger for driver subroutines, it seems that they are not really linked into the result. Is there anyone who can explain me where I have to include the driver in the makefile-structure (USEMODULES +=....) that it will be involked by the example-application? In the board makefiles? In the application makefiles? Auto-Init? Wherelse?

Thank you very much!

Best regards, Bernhard

Hi, what radio is the nrf24l01p using? The only radio in master currently implementing netdev2 is the cc11xx driver (all others are either Ethernet drivers or not merged yet). As stated before: there is a move to port the IEEE 802.15.4 devices (which are currently implementing the older GNRC-specific interface gnrc_netdev), starting with PR 4646 [1] (with the at86rf2xx radio).

Cheers, Martine



AFAIK the nrf24l01+ actually is the radio and it does not support netdev2, neither netdev. That proprietary transceiver has just the lowlevel support currently. There are plans to adapt it to netdev2 “soon” but that device is kind of special. Thus it will be a bit tinkered I guess. Even if it’s fun to find a way it won’t be my first choice to transmit 6LoWPAN packets over it.

Best Peter