netdev2 - some hints about the relationships between the 6lowpan protocol

Hello everyone, I just want to help Tobias in bringing the MRF24J40 radio network driver further on. 1. Have you got a hint where I can find information how the parts of the networking stack fit together - from the radio-module (hardware) up to the working connection. 2. Is there any documentation/specification about the interface between those parts? 3. As far as I have seen the CC1101 networking device driver is based on netdev2. Is it a good idea to port this to the MRF24J40?

Best regards Bernhard

Hi Bernhard, Have you seen [1] and [2]? Let us know if they are lacking any information you need.

Since the MRF24J40 is an IEEE 802.15.4 radio I think it’s best to look into my PR 4646 [3], which ports the at86rf2xx driver (currently based on gnrc_netdev in master) to the stack agnostic netdev2. I introduced a lot of consolidation of common IEEE 802.15.4 code, making the implementation of such device drivers simpler than it used to be.

Best regards, Martine

[1] [2]