Need paid support for writing some driver

Hey dear RIOT user,

I am working on some driver for a while, but I realized I don’t have enough spare time to write all driver by myself. So, I am trying to get some help from you. I put my own money into it, in order to support the effort. (I thought about ~400 Euro per driver) Of course, the driver should be merged into the mainline kernel :slight_smile:

Maybe you can combine it for a paper, your study or something. Here the list of driver I need and work on:

  • HX711 (WIP: There is already an open PR. So, I would consider this mostly done)

  • ePaper display (WIP: GDEW0213C38 & GDEW029Z10)

  • MFRC522 (WIP)

  • MPR121 (WIP)

  • CF-RU5202

If you are interested, just send me a message and we can discuss the details.

Best regards Philipp