Need help in OTA

Hi , i’m trying to do OTA with zolartia Re-Mote-REVB. i’m using sparrow and i’m following this tutorial to achive this .the things what i did from this

1.One Re-Mote RevB i’ve flashed with RPL Border router witch is availabel in contiki-ng example 2.

> cd examples/zoul/remote
> make IMAGE=1
> make rescue-image

> make upload-rescue-image

by using the above commands i've flashed the rescue-image

But the rescue image is not connecting to the rpl-border-router

i'm not sure with my understandings can you please help me to achieve this OTA with zolartia Re-mote

Dear Mani, I think you are on the wrong mailing list: sparrow is a Contiki-based mechanism as far as I can tell. I suggest you contact Simon Duquennoy? Best Emmanuel