Native RIOT more reliable and running on OSX


the RIOT native target now builds and runs on OS X (tested with 10.8.3) in addition to being more reliable(*).

To test, checkout or update projects, boards and RIOT and run: $ cd projects/default-native $ make clean all $ ./bin/default-native.elf

The port is still lacking some important features like buttons and networking (although a dummy driver exists). On the other hand it has already proved useful to speed up development.

Please report any issues with the port you run into. Thank you in advance =)

Cheers, Ludwig

*) The previous context switching code has been rewritten to not change RIOT thread contexts from within a UNIX signal handler context but change the thread context after leaving the signal handler context and resuming possibly interrupted system calls. I suspect some new bugs might have crept in along with these changes, but in general it should be much more reliable.