Native limited to x64/x86?

I tried to use native on ARM64. I get a couple of interesting errors. I assume native was never tested or designed for ARM, right? Is there some way I am not aware of to run it in Linux on ARM64/ARMv7 as process? I wanted to setup a couple of native processes and give some people access to some small ARM devices through ssh. So that they can play a bit with RIOT, without needing to setup the toolchain etc.

No. Last time I checked, which is admittedly not that recent (but I don’t see any reason why this should have changed), RIOT native ran perfectly fine on Raspberry Pi.

Contrary to popular belief, native does indeed have CPU specific code that limits it to x86 and ARM32.

However, ARM64 should still be able to run ARM32 code, did you install the needed 32 bit libraries? Maybe -m32 is not set for native on ARM as it is assumed to be implicit.

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I will check that. Thanks for the response.