Namespace support

Hi there,

I am trying to understand if RIOT makes use of kernel namespaces and control groups. I understand that the kernel used by Riot is FireKernel but it is difficult to understand if the kernel supports this feature typically available in Linux kernels?



Hi Donna, sorry for the late answer. I’m not an expert on the kernel either, but from what I understand RIOT does does not make use of kernel namespaces and control groups. Since RIOT is a microkernel and written from scratch (as you already mentioned it is historically based on the FireKernel which was in its infancy thought to be a real-time capable kernel for Contiki if understood our history correctly) it is very different from the Linux kernel. The only features it provides is thread-scheduling, IPC and the part of the hardware that is needed for this. Since most platforms we support don’t even have an MMU, memory management is out of scope for RIOT, currently (this is one of the reasons why we refer to the processes consequently as threads and not as processes).

Hope this was helpful, Martine