Myboot - mcuboot ported to riot

I used mcuboot to create a bootloader in riot. It’s very young. I just today managed to get it to boot an image. It would have a long time ago but I was trying to boot with misaligned vector offsets (my nrf requires a certain alignment and I was just putting it wherever).

Play with it as you wish.


I think that it’s a great thing to have mcuboot as an option, particularly given that it has IETF SUIT builtin! Linaro is doing great work on mcuboot.

riotboot also attempts to do the same thing, and I wonder what made you want to use mcuboot? (Not criticising, I just wanted to understand)

Totally out of my comfort zone, so I might be wrong about this, but don’t we already support mcuboot? Maybe some of the people behind it (@Kaspar, @kYc0o, @aabadie, …) can shed some light on this.

Normally it should be working but only on nrf52 boards as it needs some definitions e.g. see here. But AFAIK the application does not work, I tried all the way back to and it did not work (was reported that way at the time).