Multi-transport REST client for RIOT

Hello community,

a week ago I opened a Draft PR on github, but since I haven’t gotten any feedback yet (probably because no notifications were sent out) I thought I should promote it here in the forum. It’s about communicating with HTTP REST APIs via CoAP, MQTT and MQTT-SN. More on that in the Draft PR. If you are interested I’d welcome discussions on that in the comment section of the PR.

I hope to hear from you soon!

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Generally draft PRs only receive attention when explicitly tagging people on it or pinging them out of band (as you do here).

I don’t have time for a good look at the PR right now, but in general “generic REST” is not well-specified, and often a topic of interoperability trouble when the implied abstraction is used differently by different parties.

Is there any model of generic-REST that you are using here?