MSP430 Launchpad

Hello everybody. Just a question that is not clear to me after consulting the wiki: Is the TI MSP430 Launchpad compatible with RIOT-os? Or in other words, why should it not be? Thank you for your understanding if I have not read all the documentation correctly. also thank you for your excellent work. See you soon. Lionel

Hello Lionel,

sure, riot os supports msp430, but the support is limited to 16bits only (20bit MCUs are not supported at the mo). you can easily create board definition for your particular launchpad and have fun with it:)

wbr malo

Hi Lionel,

the Launchpad is of course compatible with RIOT, it was just not yet portet. For this, one needs to create a board folder and put in some configuration options (cpu variables, pin mapping, and some other minor stuff). So this should be a matter of an hour or so to import it to RIOT… We would be happy if you want to tackle this!

Cheers, Hauke