msp430-gcc version for wsn430 board

Dear rioters,

For anyone that encounter problems compiling riot for Senslab motes, namely the wsn430 motes, you may want to check msp430-gcc version.

The code has been tested and it is working with: msp430-gcc (GCC) 4.6.3 20120301 (mspgcc LTS 20120406 unpatched)

msp430-gcc versions actually installed on Senslab frontend and msp430-gcc (MSPGCC4_20110312) 4.4.5 will throw errors that looks like the output pasted below. We will update msp430-gcc (or at least make the new version available) on Senslab frontend soon.

It would be great if the information about tested compiling environments (working or not) is made available for the users.

regards, Ala

=== make output using msp430-gcc (MSPGCC4_20110312) 4.4.5

In file included from driver_cc2420.c:13: projects/hello-world/…/…/RIOT/cpu/msp430-common/include/cpu.h:42:26: error: legacymsp430.h: No such file or directory In file included from driver_cc2420.c:13: projects/hello-world/…/…/RIOT/cpu/msp430-common/include/cpu.h: In function ‘eINT’: projects/hello-world/…/…/RIOT/cpu/msp430-common/include/cpu.h:115: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘eint’ projects/hello-world/…/…/RIOT/cpu/msp430-common/include/cpu.h: In function ‘dINT’: projects/hello-world/…/…/RIOT/cpu/msp430-common/include/cpu.h:120: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘dint’ In file included from driver_cc2420.c:17: projects/hello-world/…/…/RIOT/drivers/cc2420/include/cc2420.h:79:30: error: ieee802154_frame.h: No such file or directory In file included from driver_cc2420.c:17: projects/hello-world/…/…/RIOT/drivers/cc2420/include/cc2420.h: At top level: projects/hello-world/…/…/RIOT/drivers/cc2420/include/cc2420.h:96: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before ‘ieee802154_frame_t’ driver_cc2420.c:189: error: expected declaration specifiers or ‘…’ before ‘(’ token driver_cc2420.c:189: warning: data definition has no type or storage class driver_cc2420.c:189: warning: type defaults to ‘int’ in declaration of ‘interrupt’ driver_cc2420.c:189: warning: function declaration isn’t a prototype driver_cc2420.c:189: error: expected ‘,’ or ‘;’ before ‘cc2420_isr’ make[2]: *** [bin/driver_cc2420.o] Error 1