More convenient access to the IoT-LAB from a RIOT application

Dear rewewing IoTlers,

I just opened a pull request in RIOT that should ease the work with RIOT applications on the IoT-LAB testbed a little bit:

Including the proposed Makefile like

include $(RIOTBASE)/dist/Makefile.iot-lab

in an application's Makefile allows to create IoT-LAB experiments, flash, reset and access the nodes right from the command line with Make in one go, e.g. executing

export BOARD=iot-lab_M3 make iotlab-auth make iotlab-exp IOTLAB_NODES=10 IOTLAB_DURATION=60 IOTLAB_SITE=grenoble make iotlab-flash make iotlab-term

will reserve an experiment for 10 nodes and 60 minutes in Grenoble, flash the current application to all nodes and starts serial_aggregator for these nodes.

Let me know what you think about this idea and what could be improved.

Cheers, Oleg

Hi Oleg,

I think it's a good idea, it will allow easier runnig RIOT code on the platform. I will write feedback directly on the PR.

Regards, Ga�tan



How can I select some nodes?

The current version of this Makefile only allows you to specify the number, the type, and the testbed site of the nodes. I don't know how sensible it would be to add a more concrete node selection process to this feature. You can pretty easily specify the concrete nodes by directly using `experiment-cli` from IoT-LAB cli-tools. (The web frontend can help you with a graphical representation of the physical topology.)

Cheers, Oleg