mips port

Hi Leon,

I see from the riot mailing list that you are working on a mips32 port of RIOT.

Let me introduce myself, I manage the RTOS / embedded group at Imagination Technologies and one of the activities my group gets involved in is helping out open source RTOSes to improve their MIPS support, for example we have recently improved the MIPS support in FreeRTOS.

TBH RIOT has be off radar somewhat as there was no MIPS support at all, we have been looking at RTOSes with some MIPS support already (usually PIC32 which is a somewhat specialised mips32 implementation) and trying to get the up-to-date with modern mips features.

So its great to see someone working on MIPS support for RIOT and I would like to offer my assistance, be that loaning or donation of target hardware, or engineering resource (although we are a small teams) for patch reviewing and assisting with features etc.