Minutes from the road map session at the RIOT summit

Dear road-mapping IOTlers,

it took me way too long, but finally I managed to transcribe the handwritten notes from our road map session at the summit some weeks ago into the wiki: https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/wiki/RIOT-Summit-roadmap-session-2017

I tried my best to summarize our discussions, but you will probably spot some items where you could improve and/or extend my notes. Please feel free to directly edit the wiki page.

Since there are no blue or pink sheet at RIOT meetings, I couldn't recall all the names of the attendees. So please add your name to the attendees list, in case you attended but are not listed there.

Two decisions about concrete actions items that were made, but haven't been implemented so far (as far as I know): * Take the discussion about how to document the stability level for supported    hardware platforms to this mailing list. I remember that Kaspar agreed to    do so. Am I right? * Organize some bi-weekly developer meeting/call. Paco wanted to take the    lead on this if I remember correctly.

Cheers, Oleg