Minimal MCU clock speed for using it as a border-router.

Dear RIOT-developers,

up to now I have worked with a beaglebone as a 6LoWPAN border router.

I want now to change to a microcontroller based system (STM32 family).

Now my question - what is the minimum clock speed of such a controller to be able to work as a border-router?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


Hi Neo,

regarding clock speed Iā€™m not aware of any restrictions on the gnrc_border_router example (though there are some on space, which most STM32 MCUs should fulfill). It might get slower and depending on the traffic it might get overwhelmed, but I think no one ever made any experiments for that specifically.

Best regards, Martine

Hi Kaspar,

I'm just searching for a very small device - and the device I have in my focus STM32L432 is running at it's nominal speed of 80MHz.




We have 6LoWPAN border routers running on Contiki OS and TI CC1310 @ 48 MHz ā€” RAM is the main issue, 20k is enough for up to ~100 nodes in the network. No heavy traffic, though ā€” except OTA fw updates, but we perform them one by one, not simultaneously.

I believe RIOT should have similar or lower hardware requirements, so a border router on STM32L4 should be fine.