Microsemi SmartFusion2 & RIOT

Dear List,

We’d like to enquire whether anyone is looking into deploying RIOT on Microsemi SmartFusion2 based platforms?

In particular, we’re looking at the SF2-STARTER-KIT designed around an M2S050 device.

The fusion chip combines a Cortex-M3 & IGLOO2 FPGA…

The SF2 tool-chain enables graphical style device configuration (peripherals [cortex&fpga], clocks, pin mapping, memory etc.) and auto-generates a code library with CMSIS, a hardware abstraction layer and comprehensive peripheral drivers.

Our thinking was, it would be very convenient to import this code base (at least initially), perhaps under a vendor folder and have the recursive make build system compile this as any other 3rd-party dependency - perhaps not the pure RIOT-way of doing things?

Any input or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Useful links: https://www.microsemi.com/products/fpga-soc/soc-fpga/smartfusion2

https://www.microsemi.com/products/fpga-soc/design-resources/dev-kits/smartfusion2/smartfusion2-starter-kit http://www.emcraft.com/products/153

Kind Regards,

The Engineering Team Embedded Intelligent Systems

CSIR - Meraka Institute

South Africa