Micropython and RUST expertise wanted

I am looking to hire an embedded programmer with expertise in RIOT-OS and FreeRTOS. The work will involve writing/adapting cryptographic RUST code to operate as a micropython extension. Platform not terribly important, but probably NXP or ESP, not really picky here, as 90% of work needs to be unit tested on Linux/emulated platform anyway. I prefer someone with expertise in build RIOT-OS (or FreeRTOS) with a strong ability and interest in learning. This work will start by around mid-April (negotiable!) and continue for a year on a part-time contractual basis (4 to 8 days/month). Canadians (or people who can be T4’ed with CRA) preferred for tax credit reasons, but will consider anyone worldwide, provided you know how to deal with your own relevant tax authority. Communications skills (written and oral) important, self-starters only. Send github/gitlab/web-site portfolio.


I filled this position, thanks to this board.

Position filled.