Mesh tree with RPL & IPv6 over Bluetooth Low Energy


I am looking for resources which explain how IPv6 on BLE with RPL works.

The standard setup describes only the start topology. One 6LBR is connected to many BLE nodes with enabled IPSP. This setup is well described in the README in the nordic_softdevice_ble package.

Does RPL work already in the start toplogy out of the box or do I need to define something else? e.g. Node discovery protocol at the 6LBR.

I am also not sure how I can configure a 6LR with IPv6 over BLE. I would like to create a BLE mesh tree with RPL. Is that even possible? I found this RFC, but I haven’t read this yet. It would be nice to have a more abstract, simple explanation how I configure such a network.

best regards