Meeting 11/02/2015


Is there a meeting today? Could you provide the PlaceCam link of it (10am today)?


Hi Baptiste, I don’t think there is a meeting today. Last week was heavy with the network stack task force workshop, so if I understood correctly, this week’s meeting is cancelled. Best, Emmanuel

Hi Baptiste,

in theory yes, in practice I am unable to contact one of the persons who can host the session.

The link however is always the same.

Cheers, Ludwig

Ok, thank you Emmanuel. Will it be posponed to next week or in two weeks as usual?

Btw, does any of RIOTers goes to Sensornet 2015 in Angers this afternoon? There is a conference about RIOT from 5:15 to 6:45 “RIOT OS Paves the Way for Implementation of High-performance MAC Protocols” By Kévin Roussel, Ye-Qiong Song and Olivier Zendra

Hi Baptiste,

the only RIOTer I’m sure is going to be at Sensornet is Kévin :wink: Are you going?

Concerning the next meeting, let’s decide early next week if we do it next Wednesday or in 2 weeks?



Yes Emmanuel, I’m going there with Maxence because this is our school :slight_smile:

I let you and the other maintainers decide about the next meeting.