Measuring power on the iot-lab testbed

Hi devs,

after measuring the consumption of an iot-lab_M3 node (on the iot-lab testbed) I can't explain myself the graph of the measured power over time in [1] (please note that I zoomed the plot to better visualize the problem). It is just the normal example in RIOT/examples/hello-word. You can find my measuring profile which I used on the testbed in [2].

(i) There is a sawtooth-signal where one tooth lasts approx. 30 seconds (ii) There is some kind of cycle which pulses each 1.5 seconds (This seems to be a "known" problem of the measurement unit)

Any ideas what this is or where it comes from?

Best, Peter

[1] [2]

Hi Peter,

don't worry, I think it's an IoT-Lab problem. Some nodes have this unstable consumption graph, it's tracked on the following issue:

Can you try with one "good" node: like Grenoble 1+9+12 and see if the problem remains?

I added iot-lab admin as CC to let us follow the discussions.

Regards, Ga�tan - IoT-Lab team

Hi Ga�tan,

I tested the RIOT hello-world- and also your simple_idle example on different nodes that are noted as "ok" in [1] (1, 9, 35, 40, 41 45). The spurious peaks were existent in all experiments.

Regarding the sawtooth-problem for me it still seems to be RIOT-dependant because the sawtooth does not apply to your simple_idle example. This questions addresses all RIOTers.

Looking forward to get helpful feedback by anyone :-)!

Cheers, Peter